International Association of Registered And Certified Engineers is an independent, voluntary, nonprofit membership organization which connects and serves over 1500 public, independent, and international schools in the US and worldwide. For decades, IAORACE has been working to establish and maintain high standards for all levels of education. Known as a globally recognized standard of excellence, IAORACE Accreditation attests to an institutions high quality and integrity.

IAORACE accreditation takes a detailed look at the whole institution and take many different factors into account, including the resources available to staff and management, the delivery of the course material, the welfare of the students, the qualifications and awards offered by the institution and the marketing and student recruitment procedures.

When educational, professional, and engineering organizations become members of the IAORACE engineering Education Alliance, they are part of a movement united to improve the quality of engineering education around the world. IAORACE connects, shares, and inspires innovation and quality throughout the member network, as well as the engineering community. The collective strength of the organization is founded on diverse perspectives, a global mindset, and a commitment to making a difference


  • Implement continuous quality assurance systems
  • Develop comprehensive, internal audit and self-evaluation systems
  • Develop quality, strategic partnerships worldwide
  • Develop strategic, ethical marketing strategies
  • Gain international recognition for their institution and its courses
  • Develop fruitful partnerships with ethical, professional education agents worldwide

Essentials of International Association of Registered And Certified Engineers

Academic & Professional Mobility

It encompasses all engineering disciplines and profiles, is internationally recognised and facilitates both academic and professional mobility.

Global Value and Recognition

It gives international recognition to your engineering qualifications, and is awarded to programmes which fulfil the Program which standards as specified by the IAORACE .

Quality International Standards

It has created a quality system for accredited engineering degree programs that share common objectives and outlooks.

Access to IAORACE's Publications

IAORACE will also regularly send its publications to your institute to keep you updated on educational practices you can adopt to enhance your institute's educational standards.

Professional Development Opportunity

IAORACE's accreditation also provides your staff members a professional development opportunity by participating in IAORACE's conferences and seminars.

Enhanced Reputation and Global Acceptance

IAORACE’s accreditation increases the credibility of your engineering institute and programs and your institutes gain global acceptance by employers.


IAORACE is an advocate of educational quality and its ongoing improvement; its purposes are exclusively educational. It serves the public interest, the educational community, and the students within the educational system by:

educational. It serves the public interest, the educational community, and the students within the educational system by:

  • Establishing and maintaining high standards of educational excellence
  • Providing a framework for institutional self-reflection and objective peer review
  • Serving as a resource and support for ongoing, meaningful whole-school improvement and growth.

Become an IAORACE certified engineer and get yourself professional qualification and skills globally recognized by employers

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