Services that facilitate standardization of the engineering profession and education

IAORACE works for the scrutiny and affirmation of the quality of regional, national career-related, and programmatic accrediting organizations. IAORACE is a state recognized higher education organization in the United States that undertakes this scrutiny.

With a mission to foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in education, IAORACE has become synonymous to the higher education standards of excellence, ensuring standardization of education quality throughout the world for decades.

International Association of Registered And Certified Engineers Services


Institute Accreditation

IAORACE encourages institutions to demonstrate competence in imparting academic excellence in the field of Engineering and its various specialized sectors, and provides accreditation.


Certified Professional Engineer

A certified professional title will help you ingetting a better job. As it assures the public that you have acquired expert skills and learned critical elements of your field.


Degree Equalization

Students as well as working adults wanting to enter the global job market must acquire their equivalency certificate before applying at an institution or a company.

  •         IAORACE has accredited our institution which gives us recognition in the engineering sector which we always wanted. It provided us with the platform to grow our community and serve more students as a verified institute.

  •         International Association of Registered And Certified Engineers has awarded me with the equalization statement that helped me to get the much needed exemption in the Master’s degree
    program in the engineering university.

  •         Getting our institute accredited from International Association of Registered & Certified Engineers turned out to be the best decision we had ever made! IAORACE’s accreditation added value to our name & increased the number of enrollments.

Become an IAORACE certified engineer and get yourself professional qualification and skills globally recognized by employers

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