The International Association of Registered And Certified Engineers offers one of the most well-funded scholarships to further its mission of promoting research and innovation, providing numerous scholarships to students and faculty at postgraduate and doctorate levels to assist the talented individuals from all over the world.

The scholarships are set up to attract world-class research students to continue their research work, supported by the scholarship. IAORACE opportunity to students to pursue their doctoral and post-doctoral research and contribute to their research efforts.


The IAORACE Need Based Scholarship was created to assist the high-achieving students with unfavorable circumstances to support their research, allowing them to realize their potential and embark on their research degree program.

The scholarship assists the financially disadvantaged students and is a merit-cum need-based scholarship, where students are considered based on their circumstances as well as their previous academic records, and funds are granted accordingly.

International Scholarships

Our International Scholarship Program was created to assist the high-achieving students to support their research, allowing them to realize their potential and embark on their international research program. In this scholarship program,75% of tuition fee of our international students is covered.

Faculty Development Scholarships

10 free PhDs are awarded to faculty members each year from all our accredited institutes. Moreover, these PhD programs are fully covered by International Association of Registered and Certified Engineers. The total worth of Faculty Development Scholarship program is $ 1,000,000.


In order to qualify grant programs, the applicant or student must match the criteria set by the IAORACE. Furthermore, grants program 2020 offered by IAORACE is to help students achieve their educational goals. Besides, these grants are provided to students on yearly basis which helps them to attend college without worrying about financial constraints.

  • *

    Aspirant must be enrolled in an
    accredited institute

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    Aspirant has applied to the correct
    scholarship category

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    Meets the criteria of the chosen
    scholarship category

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