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IAORACE offers a number of additional resources related to accreditation, education standardization and student support. We works ensure that students, professionals and industry specialists alike benefit from the multiple resources to progress the engineering profession. Having developed resources that provide insight on ways by which we can assist the students in making education affordable and accessible, we provide complete accredited institutions listing to make sure students enroll in the best institutes. Moreover, a number of scholarships and financial aid opportunities are provided through IAORACE to ensure high quality education is accessible to the deserving students.


IAORACE Accreditation Criteria

IAORACE lays down criteria for educational institutions established in internationally. Institutions need to implement and acquire standards of quality, successful application of which will provide accreditation license.

  • Criterion I- Mission
  • Criterion II- Integrity:
  • Criterion III: Student Learning and Effective Teaching
  • Criterion IV: Application of Knowledge
  • Criterion V- Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness
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Search Accredited Institutes

IAORACE provides a database for institutes that comply with the quality standards and criteria. You can search our database of academic institutions accredited by United States Education Council. This list will help you make an informed decision related to the educational institute you choose for your higher education. Use the search filters given below to find the institute.

Search Accredited Institutes in your state
Find out detailed information about accredited institutes
Explore credible academic insitution choices to pursue your education

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IAORACE Accredited Institutes

IAORACE offers one of the most well-funded scholarships to further its mission of promoting research and innovation, providing numerous scholarships to students and faculty at postgraduate and doctorate levels to assist the talented individuals from all over the world.

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