Event for Engineers’ Collaboration and Interaction at
International Level

25 Dec 2019

International Association of Registered and Certified Engineer’s President Engr. Gary Tran, announced that on 3 Feb 2020, IAORACE will be launching an event that will facilitate to collaborate and interact with engineers all over the world.

International Association of Registered and Certified Engineer is making efforts to contribute towards the engineers in accomplishing a successful career and a lifelong bright future. IAORACE, being an accrediting agency that ensures that quality standards in the delivery of engineering education are followed and integrated by the universities, offering engineering degree programs, in the United States.

International Association of Registered and Certified Engineer works for the welfare of engineer’s community in the United States and it has taken a stand to support them to interact with engineers from all over the world. Also, engineering students can join the platform, so that they remain updated of the current practices, followed in the engineering sector.

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